Ideas & Tips

Idea’s and Tips

Considering the Options

Consider all your options when it comes to choosing colors for your furniture. Go with something that complements your style. If you consider yourself a modernist look to the natural colors of the wood, if you are more of a traditionalist go for a darker color, such as Early American, to give your decor that extra flair you are looking for. We can help you choose the color that complements your current decor, stop by anytime to chat.

Wooden Flooring

Matching furniture gives your room a complete look. The possibilities are endless with Down to Earth Wood products. We spend one third of our life in our bedrooms. Consider the existing wood tones already present in the home. This is probably the most confusing part of any home owner’s wood flooring choice. Many wonder if you’re suppose to match your furniture to your flooring. My answer is no. The best choice is having a nice contrast between the flooring and the furniture.

A Complete Look

Samples, samples, samples. When you think you’ve narrowed down some color choices, take the biggest samples of those colors home to view them. If they aren’t big samples, ask if you can take a lot home to create a larger sample. Lay your samples out where the new floor might go and view it in natural light, morning light, afternoon light, evening light, artificial light, lamp light, overhead light…you get the picture. Put the samples next to existing furniture and really see if the color works for you. Most importantly, sit with your samples for awhile! Don’t rush the decision, you’ll have to live with it for awhile!